ekaliptus Light

will I be charged?
then how?
ask ekaliptus
what is ekaliptus?
who is ekaliptus?


who is ekaliptus?

who is ekaliptus?

ekaliptus is a corporation. it is 'ekaliptus e-trade and consulting services company limited'.  registered in istanbul ikitelli tax office with a tax number of 3260266981. our registry number in istanbul chamber of commerce is 636964.

what are the fields of activities?

besides idea consulting, our main activity is polymers trading.

so what! how dares to advise?

who knows, may be you are right. but we may still have an idea on anything! how do we have an idea on anything?

  • we use our creativity and wisdom
  • we take our time to invent ideas
  • we think a lot
  • we make researches and learn
  • we use the analytic way of thinking
  • we add our education, experience and knowledge
  • we know that, what we know is less than what we don't; so we ask
  • we interrogate a lot and we are not ashamed of it...

who is the founder?

mete goksoy;
born in 1969.
grown up and went to school.
then graduated from the college,
as a mechanical engineer.
specialized in sales, marketing and foreign trade.
started on his profession with a small scale company.
then worked for a holding.
worked there for a while and realized that,
big corporates are not for him indeed.
established a liaison office of a foreign company
on plastic resins sales.
worked for that company for some time.
afterwards established another liaison office
of another foreign company, in a similar area.
distributed for a multinational there, for many years.
then felt his wisdom and maturity.
wanted to share his experience and creativity with other people,
and established ekaliptus.
interested in several fields and had some hobbies,
mainly the music.
spent many years on music.
extensively for some time, then cut down.
but still makes music..
married as well.
became father twice.
still married, still a father.